Where will you be staying

Whether you want to camp under the stars or have a private hotel room, there is a range of accommodation at KnK Longboard Camp to suit everyone’s needs.

Campsite and Hotel Kovač (top right).

Riders’ Campsite

Camping is included in the ticket for the registered riders. The price for non-riders is 60 Eur for the whole week (6 days). The campsite is located behind the hotel with hot showers and toilets as well as a river for swimming.


Hotel Room at Hotel Kovač

Shared room (dorm)

For those who want to travel light or do not like camping, beds in shared rooms are available. Normally groups of 4-8 inhabit the dorm rooms. Hot showers and toilets are of course standard.

From 18 € per night

Hotel Room at Hotel Kovač

Hotel Rooms

For riders without a strict budget, hotel rooms with own bathroom are available starting at 30 Euros for a single and 50 euros for a double with breakfast.

From 30 € per night

How to book at Hotel Kovač

To book your room in the hotel or a bed in the dorm, please contact Hotel Kovač directly and not via website. For more info visit their official website at

Address: Hotel Kovač, Sela 5, 1337 Osilnica – Slovenia

Mobile: +386 41 652 048 (mobile)
Phone: +386 1 8941 508