Important Event Information

Before you register…

Please, be sure to read this page through before you register to find out what’s provided by the event organisers, what kind of protection gear is required and similar.

Topic covered on this page:

What we provide (is covered by registration fee)

  • 6 full days of freeride (every day from 11:00-18:00)
  • Optional participation in Red Bull No Paws Down
  • Camping with [warm] showers and toilets
  • Electricity (for charging devices or plugging-in your camper)
  • WiFi access (sometimes it gets overloaded though),
  • Watermelon served on track once a day, every day
  • All the water you need on the track
  • Shuttle busses (on the track and from campsite to the track and back)
  • Professional Medical Assistance on the track (two fully equipped ambulance teams – two vehicles and 4 medics)
  • Track protection and road closure managment
  • Garbage management
  • Discounted food at Hotel Kovač and on top of the track
  • Official event t-shirt
  • Party every night backed up with a quality sound system, light show, the local #slivo, video features on the big screen, fun games, open fireplace and more…

What is not covered by the registration fee

  • Renting a room or a bed in the Hotel Kovač (more info here)
  • Swimming pool and sauna
  • Food and drinks at the Hotel Kovač restaurant
  • Transfer to the event (from airport or train/bus station)
  • Insurance (you are required to have the EHIC card in case you’re from EU and your own travel insurance regardless of where you’re from).

Refund, Cancellation and Transfer

Please note that once your confirm your registration with the payment, you will not be able to get refund in case you cancel your participation. If you can’t attend the event but you already paid the registration fee, you can transfer the financial value of your registration to a third person. In this case, you simply notify us about the change and let us know the full name and contact details of the person you will be transferring your registration to. Also, in case if you fail to attend or transfer your registration to a third person, please note that transfers to 2020 are not possible.

Required protection gear

Required protection includes a full-face helmet and slide gloves. However, we highly recommend that you gear yourself up properly in order to avoid not being able to skate due to an injury that could have easily been avoided. Please consider using knee pads, elbow pads and a back protector as well. If you’re a beginner and think you will crash often, we highly recommend that you wear a leather suit.

For underaged riders

If you’re underaged and under 16, you must have a legal guardian present at the event. This must be your parent or an authorised person, 18 years old or older, who’s responsible for you at the time of the event.

If you’re underaged and over 16, it is OK for your parents to drop you off, sign a disclaimer and head to their own vacation.

If parents are not traveling with you, they can also give a written “Child Travel Consent” to a person who will be your guardian while you’re travelling and staying at the event. This document must be signed and verified at your local municipality’s office.

You must have the “Child Travel Consent” letter signed and verified when checking-in at a registration office upon your arrival to the event. Your guardian must be present at that time as well.

For your convenience, there’s a handy online tool to help you create and print-out an international child travel consent letter here.

For more accurate information, ask at your local municipality office.


If you’re from EU, you should have the EHIC card in order to avoid paying high Hospital costs (just in case). We strongly advise you to acquire some form of tourist insurance with international assistance, such as CORIS for example. Insurance allows the organisation of medical aid and covers all the expenses occurred in accidents during your holidays, sports, or business travels abroad, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. If you are traveling in a group, inquire about a group discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ page for more information. For any additional queries you might have please contact us via email at or reach us via phone at +386 70 253 495.

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