Welcome to Osilnica

Osilnica (pronounced [ɔˈsiːu̯nitsa], German: Ossiunitz), a small village in the far southern part of Slovenia is located on the left bank of the Kolpa River next to the border with Croatia. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and intact forest and as such attracts outdoor adventurists from all over Europe.

Sela 5, 1337 Osilnica – Slovenia

45° 31′ 44.99″ N 14° 41′ 54.312″ E

Hotel Kovač The entrance to Hotel Kovač in Osilnica

Usually it’s quiet in this town called Osilnica, but for two weeks every summer, something changes. The pace of life starts to speed up and chunks of longboard wheels can be found along the steep hairpin infested mountain road leading down to town. That’s when you know KnK Longboard Camp has arrived and it’s going to be a fun couple of weeks.

It’s been a wild ride, exploring the scene as it exploded over the last 9 years, it’s been quite a personal journey for us as well. Back in 2009, wanting to share our hills with other skaters, we hosted the very first KnK Longboard Camp with only 18 Slovenian and Czech longboarders.

The middle section of the Bear's Guts track, from corner 4 to 9 The middle section of the Bear’s Guts track, from corner 4 to 9

The location changed to our current home, the Bear’s Guts track in 2011, the love of hosting skaters stayed the same but it took on a whole new level with what we consider a Freeride that truly feels like a “downhill skateboarding holiday”.