Frequently Asked Questions

We prepared a list of most frequently asked questions we got from riders during the past editions of KnK Longboard Camp to keep informed about everything you need to know about the event to have a pleasant stay. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for, please contact us at

First time at KnK Longboard Camp

What is the normal daily schedule at KnK?

In the morning skaters head over to the Hotel Kovač restaurant for their morning coffee of breakfast, or walk approximately 5 minutes to the town centre to grab some snacks for during the day.

The shower and toilet facilities are available for use in the three separate building of the hotel’s infrastructure that are in walking distance from the campsite.

We organise the shuttle busses to be ready in front of the hotel at 10 a.m. and leave for the track at 10:30, giving riders time to eat and get ready in the morning. While doing so, our riders have a relaxed and short drive to the top of the track, without the need to bring their own car.

The skating at KnK Longboard Camp starts at 11:00 and continues until 6 pm. During that time, there are no lunch breaks, which provides you an unrestricted schedule and leaves you to decide when you want to have a break or grab some food on top.

You can expect to skate at least 8 runs per day. We strive to provide more, but 8 is our minimum.

After the last run, the shuttle busses drive back up to the starting line so you have a chance to pick up your gear and later head down to the track, providing you a lift back to the campsite.

Dinner is served at the Hotel Kovač at a discounted price, where you’re also able to catch up with your buddies before heading down to the campsite’s ”Party Place”.

Usually attendees spend their late evening at the Party Place, where they find refreshments, a campfire and live entertainment on stage. Every night we try to organise a different nightly program, that includes some fun challenges, performances, contests to win cool prizes as well as cool music.

What is the atmosphere at KnK like?

KnK Longboard Camp has always had a friendly and relaxed vibe. The skaters attending the event come from different countries around the globe, with one common goal, to relax and hang out with their old and new friends while getting plenty of skating in during the 6 days.

In general, the event is welcoming to everyone, from beginners to advanced riders who want to have a memorable skate trip and progress in their skating.

Is there an ATM at KnK ?

Yes, there is an ATM in the centre of the village, next to the grocery store that is a short, 5-minute walk from the campsite.

What do I need to bring to the event?

  1. To register: ID Card or Passport and your Full Face Helmet.
  2. Skate gear: Your complete longboard, 2-3 sets of wheels and the mandatory Full Face helmet, gloves. We also recommend to bring your knee pads, a back protectors and leathers.
  3. Camping gear
  4. Clothing: Pack enough all-weather clothing to last you the whole event.
  5. Around 20 euros per day for food and drinks.
  6. Your EHIC card (recommended).

Should I get travel insurance?

We always recommend having some form of tourist insurance or additional insurance for extreme sports. During the freeride, KnK Longboard Camp provides with two ambulance vehicles and a 4-man team of paramedics that is always prepared to take care of emergencies.

If you are an European resident, we suggest you also bring your EHIC card that will cover you in case of an accident.

What is an EHIC card and where do I get one?

An European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, you guessed it) allows residents of Europe to receive medical cover to the same standard as their home country. We recommend having a valid card to avoid ending up with a huge hospital bill. For more information, please read this article on EHIC article.

Underaged riders

How old do you have to be to skate at KnK?

Underaged riders (under the age of 16) must have a legal guardian present at the event. This means either your parent or an authorised person by your parent that is over 18 years old. Your legal guardian will be responsible for you at the time of the event.

If  you are underaged and over 16 years old, it is OK if you present a signed disclaimer from your parents at the registration office – your parents can drop you off and head to their vacation.

If your parents are not traveling with you, they can also give a written “Child Travel Consent” to a person who will be your guardian while you’re travelling and staying at the event. This document must be signed and verified at your local municipality’s office.

Safety at KnK Longboard Camp

What kind of protection do you provide to make the track safe?

The Bear’s Guts track is one of the most protected longboard tracks out there. With sufficient quantities of hay bales we cover every of the 18 corners with additional protection on high speed sections. Additional protection includes safety nets and doubled amount of hay bales.

Besides the large amount of protection, we also provide a large number of course marshals, equipped with communication radio’s, flags and instructions.

There are always two medical teams present at the freeride every day that are in stand-by and ready to proceed in case of an accident. We as organisers consider safety to be the upmost priority of this event.

What safety equipment do I need to attend?

A Full Face helmet and slide gloves are mandatory, you will not be allowed to ride without them. Leather suits are highly recommended for beginners.

Back protectors, knee and elbow pads are highly recommended. We will not make your life hard if you choose not to wear this, but it’s advised so you can skate another day.


How do I buy a ticket for KnK Longboard Camp?

The registration for both weeks of KnK Longboard Camp takes place via this website. Once we open the registration and you register, you will receive further instructions via email regarding the payment information and deadlines.

Until you complete the payment, your registration is not completed. Only after your payment will you receive an email confirmation and secure your spot at the event.

Once at the event, you need to head over to the registration office, where your participation will be finalised and you will be presented with your rider’s number and event bracelet.

What is included in the ticket?

The KnK ticket includes 6 full days of freeriding with a minimum of 8 runs per day, track protection, event T-Shirt, a shuttle from and to the campsite during the freeride, a shuttle ride in between runs, free drinking water during the freeride with additional watermelon mid-day, camping, optional participation at our weekly race, as well as tourist tax, water and electricity, access to the hotel’s infrastructure and discounted rider’s menu at Hotel Kovač.

What do I need to bring to the registration office at the event?

To attend the event you need to complete your registration via our website. When you arrive in Osilnica, you will quickly find the registration office that will finalise your registration and provide you with a starting number, event bracelet and answer any questions regarding the event. To register you need to bring your valid ID card or Passport and your Full Face helmet.

Can I transfer my ticket to another rider ?

Registered riders are able to transfer the financial value of their registration to a third person for no charge if written notification from both members is sent to at least 7 days before the event. After that point, no transfers possible. For more information please see the Refund, Cancellation and Transfer policy on this page.

The Camp

What is the camping like?

The campsite is located in the grounds of the Hotel Kovač that provides access to shower and toilet facilities.

At one end of the campsite you will find the river Čabranka that boarders Slovenia and Croatia. A few minutes along the river, you will find a nice swimming place with a rope swing which is very popular among riders.

The hotel’s infrastructure also includes a separate wellness building with sauna’s, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool which is available at a separate fee. To access the wellness, you need to pay an entry free at the hotel’s registration.

Where else can I stay?

The Hotel Kovač offers rooms from 30 Euros a night for a single and 50 Euros a night for a double bed room with breakfast included. For those on a tighter budget, dorm rooms are available for around 18 Euros per night. To book a room in the hotel, please get in touch with them at


Is there any food available at the event?

In the morning you can grab breakfast either at the grocery store in the village or head to Hotel Kovač for their all you can eat breakfast with a price of 5,50 Eur. Hotel Kovač also serves lunch and dinner.

During the freeride, there is a Falafel stand serving a range of wraps to riders (falafel, shawarma etc.) that normally cost 3 -5 Eur.

In the evening, skaters usually head over to Hotel Kovač which provides a discounted rider’s menu to the camp attendees. Usually there is a set 3 course riders menu in the evening for around 7,5 Euros. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available.

As Osilnica is located right on the border with Croatia it is possible to drive 6 km over the border and grab pizza or go to stores there.

Are there Vegan/Vegetarian options?

Yes. Both the Hotel Kovač and the Falafel stand on top of the track provide vegan and vegetarian meals.

Red Bull No Paws Down Race 2018 & Single Set Survivors

What is Red Bull No Paws Down World Championships?

Red Bull No Paws Down is a stand-up longboarding competition which gathers the World’s best freeriders under one roof for a chance to win a grand money prize and the notorious title of being the Red Bull No Paws Down World Champion.

The race takes place on the 1st week of KnK Longboard Camp, with a money prizes for the race are 1000 Euros for 1st place, 500 Euros for 2nd and 300 Euros for 3rd.

What is Single Set Survivors race?

An equal playing field with only 1 set of wheels allowed per rider. Choose your wheel wisely. This race is optional, usually takes place on the saturday of the second week and riding continues as normal for anyone who doesn’t race.

Can I skate on the race day, if I’m not racing?

Yes, the freeride still runs uninterrupted during the weekly races. You can still skate like you usually would during the freeride, only after the race heats. With your KnK ticket you are entitled to ride all 6 days of the camp. Typically riders get at least 8 runs a day and with 18 hairpins that means at least 864 hairpins in 6 days!

The Track

Is the track suitable to beginners?

KnK Longboard Camp is very welcoming to beginners who want to improve their skating and learn from other longboarders. As long as you can slow yourself down, either by footbraking or sliding, you will be permitted to skate.

The track can be taken at your own pace, beginners are advised to keep to a speed they feel comfortable at and to start their run at the end so to not interfere with the run of the faster riders. Don’t worry; you will not be alone whatever your skill level at KnK!

What is the track like?

The track features 18 hairpins and top speeds of 80 kph/50 mph. The road is wide (2 lanes) with lots of space to slow down and pass other riders safely.