In a race featuring weather extremes here on the Bear’s Guts, Harry Clarke proved to be the most consistent racer out of 64 racers.

Towards the end of Week #2 at KnK Longboard Camp a special race is held. The Single Set Survivors race has few rules apart from this; racers are not allowed to change their wheels creating a more level playing field. Typically, sponsored racers will always have an advantage in having multiple sets of new wheels to ride. Riders tried to choose the longest lasting wheels for the best chance in the race.

This year we had to change conditions: it rained just before the first run. With temperatures above 25 degrees, riders had to judge whether it would dry quickly or if it would rain once again. Nikolay Keller rolled the dice and changed to rain wheels along with a few others. In the first round, this proved hugely advantageous over many riders on near fresh wheels.

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 - Single Set Survivor Race
Alex Kloeber, Nadim Burkan and Tom Campbell organised the Single Set Survivors race. Photo: KLD media

As the buses drove up the hill ready for us to go into the next stage of the race the sun blazed on the track resulting in a dry run. Riders like Harry Clarke and Max Heaton we’re rewarded for being on near fresh wheels with a huge advantage over the rain wheel riders. The riders on rain wheels found themselves knocked out as we moved to the semi-finals.

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 - Single Set Survivor Race
Kanan built a custom race helmet for the Single Set Survivors race. Photo: KLD media

Once again, the buses drove back up the hill but this time the skies opened once again to dampen the track. The advantage would have been with the rain wheel riders if they would have been able to stay in the competition. The semi finals and finals were heats full of chaos. Harry Clarke describes it:

I pushed out first, footbreaked the whole way around the first corner. We were pushing out of corners and then wondering how we would slow down for the next one. Everyone crashed multiple times including a pile up on corner 8 which I managed to avoid, it was just hard to stay on. At the very end Victor and I were side by side balancing off each other in a slide screaming are you okay to each other as we moved towards the finish line. It was pretty damn crazy

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 - Single Set Survivor Race
Thank you for joining us for KnK Longboard Camp 2018 10th Anniversary Edition. Photo: © SINIŠA KANIŽAJ / Red Bull Content Pool

As KnK Longboard Camp 2018 10th anniversary edition ends we would like to thank the brands that sponsor this event:

KebbeK Skateboards
ROCKET Longboards
Bam Bam Skate
Fibretec Skateboards
Original Skateboards
Alkemist Longboard
Remember Collective
Alternative longboards
Long Island
Madrid Skateboards
Orangatang Wheels
LUCA longboards

KnK Longboard Camp

KnK Longboard Camp 2019 presented by Alternative Longboards is brought to you in partnership with Sickboardshop, ROCKET Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Sk8bites Shop, Alkemist Longboards, Remember Collective Wheels and Luca Longboards.

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