Close to 200 riders have descended upon the forested hills on the border of Slovenia and Croatia for the 10th edition of KnK Longboard Camp presented by KebbeK Skateboards.

Maxwell Kaye is staying with us and did a run-through of the day on the Vlog, check it out.  Vlog #2 is in the works focusing on the upcoming Red Bull No Paws Down World Championships. Last years winner Dominic Schenk is retiring after winning the 2017 No Paws Down title, paving the way for another rider to be crowned World Champion.

Despite a damp early Monday morning, spirits remained ecstatic as the weather soon turned from cloud to sunshine. The second day started with morning pack runs with about 10 riders per run, only because the Bear’s Guts is wide enough for groups of riders to slide alongside one another safely.

The KebbeK Longboards shuttle bus adds a touch of colour to the track.

The uplift shuttles are speedy and riders are getting in around 9 runs per day, exceeding the 8 runs daily minimum. With 18 corners and a 4 km track, that means lots of worn out legs and a great appetite for the watermelon at the end of the track.

Some skaters who are like family and come to KnK every year feel that it’s tradition to jump into the river Cabranka that marks the border of  Slovenia and Croatia to keep the blood flowing for the leg burner that is the Bear’s Guts. After a day of hard skating people immediately go to the campsite, grab their swimming trunks and jump off the rope swing.

Joey Bidner and Maxwell Kaye are the taking care of the evening entertainment with daily videos and fun games like the KebbeK Skateboards Go Tuck Yourself contest, where skaters in heats of 4 challenge their mind and body to stay on a balance board until two of them fail to advance into the next round.

The first few heats were around 2 minutes long, but as soon as the semi-finals and finals came, the competition ran high. The lactic acid was building up, leaving the riders with weak legs and sweat glazed foreheads.

Lilian Barou, Alternative Longboards team rider, won the  Go Tuck Yourself contest with a laser engraved special 10th edition KnK Longboard Camp graphic courtesy of KebbeK Skateboards. Andrea Moreni and Deen Mondt won the style and aero points showcasing the best tuck form on the stage.

As we move towards the second half of this week we look forward to bringing you coverage of the Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship and the KebbeK Skateboards Wheel of Misfortune. Stay Tuned!

KnK Longboard Camp

Spend a full week skating one of the best freeride tracks in Europe and wider together with riders from all over the World. 4 kilometres, 18 hairpins, 6 days straight - upgrade your downhill and freeride skills while shredding the smoothest asphalt ever, consistent from top to bottom, swim in a beautiful river, enjoy the finest local cuisine and party with your old and newly made friends.

"Skating this road for 6 days took my skills to a whole another level." ~Thomas from Germany

Join us at #KNK2021 and shred the Bear's Guts with us!
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