While Week #1 was a build-up to the high adrenaline racing of the Red Bull No Paws Down Week #2 is all about chilling and relaxing.

Almost 230 riders are riding the track daily without a hurry as they enjoy 18 hairpins basked in the summer heat. As the IDF Euro tour circuit finished racers have come to relax with us for 6 days of shredding.

The Australian Crew Slides into Corner 16. – Photo: Zak Mills Goodwin

The mix of riders coming for Week 2 is interesting, lots have come to learn to control their boards here. With how wide the road is and the level of protection where you can crash without fear, KnK Longboard Camp has the relaxed vibe to perfect your skills. For many riders here the Bear’s Guts track is the biggest hill they have ever skated and for some, this is a steep learning curve. However, after 3 days the progression is immense, riders that could hardly get down the hill are now fully in control of their boards.

The endless corners of the Bear’s Guts – © SINIŠA KANIŽAJ/Red Bull Content Pool

Clear skies have brought about changed riding conditions for the riders. The heat means most wheels slide smoother and every corner requires a longer check. The lower levels of grip make for great fun on the track for downhillers and freeriders alike. Conditions are likely to stay the same until the end of KnK Longboard Camp 2018 so it looks like the Single Set Survivors race is likely to feature many slides.

Easy slides on the 4km Bear’s Guts track. Photo: Zak Mills Goodwin

A short drive from KnK is a section of the river Kolpa that is perhaps around 7 meters deep with a rickety old bridge over it. The Dutch riders like to gather at the river and dive deep into the water. A wide array of acrobatics is on display, from backflips to perfect dives. Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate their acrobatics despite multiple attempts. Rider Nikolay Keller spent 30 minutes meditating before finally doing a backflip. In his last moments before jumping, Patrick L. Lombardi encouraged him; “The brain is a poison, don’t think and just jump. You can skate a hill at 110kph in shorts and yet you can’t jump” After further meditation, he finally managed to backflip.

Backflips into the river Kolpa with the Dutch Crew. Credit: Hubert Wigier

Sabrina Ambrosi, KebbeK Skateboards team rider has joined us after her intensive IDF Euro tour. Together with Joey, she has been overseeing riders as they try out KebbeK Skateboards 2018 line up. Of interest to all the riders was Emily Pross’s new pro model, with all 5 Pross demo boards grabbed by the riders. The Ben Dubreuil pro model as well as the Emma Daigle we’re also quick to be exhibited on the Bear’s Guts.

Diving into corner 8 with the crew– © SINIŠA KANIŽAJ/Red Bull Content Pool

Even though we are moving towards the Single Set Survivors race the relaxed vibe is here to stay at KnK Longboard Camp week #2. Make sure to join us for the Single Set Survivors Vlog coming out on Sunday.

KnK Longboard Camp

Spend a full week skating one of the best freeride tracks in Europe and wider together with riders from all over the World. 4 kilometres, 18 hairpins, 6 days straight - upgrade your downhill and freeride skills while shredding the smoothest asphalt ever, consistent from top to bottom, swim in a beautiful river, enjoy the finest local cuisine and party with your old and newly made friends.

"Skating this road for 6 days took my skills to a whole another level." ~Thomas from Germany

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